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[ld_carousel columns=”lg:1|md:1|sm:1|xs:1|spacing_xs:15px” inactiv_opacity=”1″ prevnextbuttons=”yes” adaptiveheight=”yes” autoplay=”yes” navhalign=”carousel-nav-center” autoplaytime=”20000″ nav_arrow_color=”rgb(42, 41, 41)” nav_arrow_color_hover=”rgb(113, 113, 113)”][ld_testimonial style=”testi_s05″ details_size=”testimonial-details-sm” title=”Steven van Ringelestijn” position=”Director of the Tourism & Leisure department, De Rooi Pannen Breda” avatar=”4656″]“The Seeligkazerne Breda was a comprehensive and very complex construction process. Using the modern and suitable design of the historic buildings of the Tourism and Leisure Department was a clever way to create a process. You took in the entire staff (from the interior designer to the MT), but also the students, and you included everyone in the thinking process. Nothing was too much for you and you always provided a diplomatic, listening ear to everyone, but at the same time you stayed in charge, didn’t miss a thing and the planning was sacred. It has led to truly unique school buildings with beautiful appearances, which are also modern and practical in use. Without you it would not have been so successful! “[/ld_testimonial][ld_testimonial style=”testi_s05″ title=”Erwin Veldhuijs” position=”Consultant Building Services, VePC” avatar=”4657″]“I have had the pleasure to work with Sandra on various projects and can say with confidence that I really enjoyed working with her! She is social, smart and very determined. Thanks to her positive critical attitude she always succeeds in finding the best project solutions time after time.”[/ld_testimonial][ld_testimonial style=”testi_s05″ title=”Frans Saelman” position=”Former General Manager Professional Benelux, Jacobs Douwe Egberts” avatar=”4658″]“Thank you so much for your great contribution in creating a beautiful work environment. Something D.E can and will be proud of and something you can put your personal signature on. But also a big “THANK YOU” for your collegiality. I have experienced your company as endearing, decisive, stimulating and always positive. You always put so much effort into it and problems were seen as challenges that had to be overcome. And with success! If necessary at the expense of extra hours, less vacation, short nights, you were there and you did it! It suits you.[/ld_testimonial][/ld_carousel]
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